August 2015 - Fonemed

Making the Case for Increased Telehealth Adoption in Behavioral Health

By C.P. Rosato on Sunday, August 30th, 2015 in Behavioral Health, Telehealth. No Comments

In the United States there are millions of people who are in need of behavioral care but are unable or unwilling to access such services through traditional systems. The National Alliance on Mental Illness supports these claims in their research by citing that nearly 60% of adults and 50% of youth’s ages 8-15 years old Read the full article…

Reducing Hospital Readmissions Through Improved Communication and Care Coordination

By C.P. Rosato on Sunday, August 30th, 2015 in Care Coordination, Hospital Readmissions, Telehealth. No Comments

For many healthcare providers, the aim to improve the quality of patient care while lowering costs represents a significant challenge and one that brings new stresses upon the organization. Simultaneous developments in technology and changes in the legislative environment are rapidly ushering in a new era, one of a more patient-centric environment. With the US Read the full article…

Using Telehealth to Reduce Hospital Readmissions in the Medicare Population

By C.P. Rosato on Sunday, August 30th, 2015 in CMS, Hospital Readmissions, Telehealth. No Comments

Using telehealth to reduce hospital readmissions As the number of Americans enrolling in Medicare continues to increase each year, the need to evaluate and control the expense of health care rises proportionally. A recent study published by Population Health Management (Population Health Management 2013; 16:310–316) has demonstrated the effectiveness of telephonic intervention for reducing hospital Read the full article…