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Developing Telehealth in Haiti

As Fonemed expands its global reach in international healthcare, the telehealth pioneer has accomplished yet another first by expanding its services in the Caribbean with Fonemed Haiti SA. Fonemed Haiti SA is the first 24×7 medical aid service available in the island nation of over 10 million citizens. The company’s mission seeks to improve  healthcare in Haitian society through a wide variety of medical services aimed at improving care quality and delivery in the country.

Fonemed Haiti works with various medical institutions, community health insurance programs, emergency services, universities and government agencies to provide custom health programs. These unique programs involve medical advise, guidance and medical information programs that benefit their partners through a number of telehealth initiatives. Fonemed Haiti SA has secured notable partnerships such as the country’s Office National D’Assurance-Vieillesse and Digicel, the country’s largest communications provider.

Leveraging call centers and a team of professional registered nurses and doctors, Fonemed Haiti SA is able to provide medical assistance anytime and anywhere on the island using approved medical protocols accredited by URAC.


  • 24/24 hotline for all types of epidemics of crises (e.g., cholera, chikungunya, ebola)
  • Nurse advice and triage
  • Orientation, medical council by phone
  • Remote monitoring and disease management solutions
  • Reference and directory solutions for providers
  • Medical assistance via the Internet


Fonemed Haiti is lead by its CEO, Dr. Bernard Nau. Dr. Bernard Nau has been a medical doctor since 1982 having received his education at the State University of Haiti, and he has been an orthopedic surgeon since 1986. Dr. Nau obtained his fellowship in external fixation from the Erasmus University of Brussels in 1989 and has been practicing in his native Haiti ever since.