Cloud-Ready & Platform Agnostic

The Fonemed platform (HMS) is device-agnostic and works well with biometric wearable suppliers and our client’s current devices. We can even suggest devices based on your exact requirements. Our customized biometrics monitoring solution can monitor your device manufacturer’s web portal or bring the data directly into our system.

Client-Centered & Human-Backed

Fonemed provides bio-metric monitoring system services ranging from basic non-clinical alert oversight to registered nurse advice who provide immediate response to alerts based on client, physician and Fonemed’s best practice protocols tailored for remote use.

Tailored & Client-Friendly

Our biometric service solutions include identification and correction of transmission errors, device troubleshooting and replacement as needed, health risk assessment, development of alert protocols with client and client-identified providers, triage assessment and action, compliance with care plans, health coaching, real-time reporting to patient, family physician, caregivers and family members per client guidelines and appropriate permission. Also included are client care transition and reporting as directed.

Remote Biometric Monitoring

A patient on a
healthcare monitor
does not always have to
be a patient.

Fonemed’s’ Health Management System facilitates real-time remote monitoring of medical devices in homes or care facilities to assure prompt assessment and intervention of alerts. Fonemed’s clinical and non-clinical staff access client systems, or monitor alerts on the Fonemed platform.

Partner With Us

Our goal is to assist healthcare providers delivering patient-centered care benefit from increased trust from patients, improved care coordination and play a substantial role in delivering high quality care when and where it is needed most. If you are looking for a partner that can help improve your organization’s ability to deliver personalized and accountable care in a cost-effective manner, we would love to hear from you.

Learn more about our biometric assistance including benefits from qualified and licensed nurse advice line monitoring.

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