A complete support system

for the continuum of care

in the patient-centered home.

Fonemed’s proprietary technology is a comprehensive Population Health Management Software system that encompasses all aspects of population health management. With support from the government of Canada, we designed the Fonemed Operating System to support the continuum of care in the patient-centered home.

It allows medical experts to design, implement, update and customize to suit. Our Population Health Management Software incorporates the best practices for virtually any disease state.

Our population health management software includes:

Electronic Patient Records

Patient’s Disease State

Clinical Best Practice Protocols

Clinical Reporting

Administrative Reporting


Client Relationship Management (full CRM)

Medical Professional Networks


Web Services

Call Center Management

Patient Portal

Clinical Applications

Fonemed’s Population Health Management Software system is a crucial tool used to evaluate a patient’s disease state. The software automatically applies the appropriate logic to the data collected by the clinical team and incorporates existing health records and actual real-time assessment data. Our innovate population health management software enables us to meet the needs of our clients at every step of a patient encounter.

Powerful and Flexible Reporting Features

Reporting on virtually any aspect of the system is available to clinicians, employers, administrators and patients through portals as long as they have the appropriate security clearance. These reports are available to any HIPPA-compliant electronic device, or through the reporting module accessed from a user’s unique login. The integration of powerful software analytics guide users through a patient encounter and enable permission-based information sharing to all members of the continuum of care quickly and easily. Built upon an advanced software architecture, Fonemed’s population health management software provides a robust, secure and scalable software platform that can easily handle any clinical requirement.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Fonemed’s population health management platform allows management of all levels of patient and provider relationship information (billing, demographics and administrative).

REST-based Integration Web Services

The only way to interact with data in the system is through the REST API. This allows Fonemed to ensure its data security by ensuring its REST requests are secure.

OAuth & OpenID Authentication

Token-based security is used by default for the system and allows a custom security layer to be implemented per specific client requests. The system works by default with all major OAuth providers such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon besides its own OAuth implementation.

Reporting Module

The module includes generated reports, custom population health management reports and report delivery in any modern delivery system (Email, Fax, SMS, Web service or through the custom administrative portal).


Page load time is under 1000ms for new page requests without the use of caching and under 300ms for new page requests with the use of data caching.


The system is, by default, a cloud-based solution. It has separate databases for application data and clinical data. The application server has very little strain by design. It simply takes requests for data via web services and queries the database to return the result. All application logic and template rendering is done on the client side, enabling enormous scalability at a very low price point. The system provides direct data return from the server for consumption by the front-end application.

Advanced Characteristics

The Fonemed clinical and technology teams designed our advanced software architecture around the latest open-source technologies. Characteristics include:


All components of the system are customizable at the client, client group, client subgroup and client subgroup location level. It can be customized for administrators, patients, physicians, nurses, health service specialists, caregivers or any custom user group.

User Friendly

The front-end application keeps all standard user conventions (back button, new tabs, new windows, bookmarkable states and responsive layout) in order to allow for the best user experience possible. Furthermore, the front-end application works across PCs, cellphones, tablets and biometric devices such as “Fit Bit”.


All database transactions are captured with our auditing software. We are able to roll-back to any past state of the application, as well as track all changes made by all users to any piece of the backend system.

Flexible (Data-Driven Architecture):

When a new table is added or an existing table is altered, the system regenerates all the application logic. New features can be added instantaneously.


The Population Health Management System ensures the security of its data by using the best available security partners for the physical security layer (Amazon, Google and Microsoft), and a granular data access layer in its software architecture. The only way to interact with data in the system is through the REST API. This allows Fonemed to ensure its data security by ensuring its REST requests are secure. All possible actions in the system are mapped to a unique URL, which must be authenticated with a security token. Once authenticated, the rights of the user are analyzed to determine whether or not they can invoke that action on the given scope – whether it be retrieving a patient profile, or updating client data.This intentional bottleneck is like a bridge that allows us to ensure that only those with the exact rights are able to view/edit/update the correct data. Since it is the only available bridge to the database, it is the only mechanism to access the data. Additionally, the authentication process is done via OAuth/OpenID by a trusted third party such as Google, Amazon or any certifiable OAuth provider.
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