For 27 years, and more than 5 million patient encounters, 

Fonemed has been delivering remote healthcare by telephone and internet.

We have synthesized that experience in developing the most advanced operating system for population health management available today.

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Fonemed provides top-tier software and service solutions for healthcare organizations seeking to develop and strengthen their population health management strategies and enhance their telehealth capabilities.

Fonemed’s population health management software extends the capabilities of ACO’s, health plans, physicians groups, government agencies as well as hospitals and hospital systems to better manage risk and improve the health outcomes of their patient populations. Our software supports healthcare organizations seeking to better develop and execute their population health management strategies by enabling them to identify and intervene with those patients that are on a high-risk trajectory, those with specific chronic diseases and those in need of appropriate screenings and primary prevention interventions. Fonemed’s Population Health Management System (PHMS) features a safe, intuitive, easy to use, and fully customizable interface that is compatible with any evidence-based clinical protocol.

We designed our population health management software and services around one simple goal – to help our customers succeed in fulfilling their healthcare organization’s objectives and painlessly make the transition to value-based care. For our clients’ that means providing effective, high quality health care delivery that positively impact the lives of the patients’ they care for across the care continuum.

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Client Management
  • 4 levels of Hierarchy (Client, Client Group, Client Subgroup, Client Subgroup Location)
  • Client specific resources and contact information available for User access
  • Configurable call flows based on Client requirements
  • Ability to edit client information at any time
User Management
  • Unique Username and Password for each user
  • Standard User conventions (back button, new tabs, new windows, and responsive layout) allow for the best user experience possible
  • OS agnostic
  • Works across PC, mobile devices, tablets, biometric devices etc.
  • Role based access
Call Management
  • Ability to add calls to Follow Up queue
  • Ability to schedule calls for assigned Follow Up time
  • Ability to Assign calls to Users or User Groups
  • Easy access to Patient Profile to view call history
  • User Filters to access previous calls
  • Assessment data is unalterable once User closes the call
  • Notes can be added to previous calls
  • Standard Encounter Report sent by fax or secure ftp
  • Standard Report formats: PDF, XML
  • Real time report deliveries
Call Center Management
  • Ability to view calls in various states (New, In Progress, Parked, Follow Up, Closed)
  • Ability to prioritize calls based on preset parameters
  • Access to patient, client, and clinical and operational resources
  • Call History
  • Ability to tag calls with key reportable information
  • Roles based permissions (Current defined roles Nurse, Physicians, Patients)
  • Ability to assign calls/tasks to Users
Patient Management
  • Ability to import eligibility file in standard csv format
  • Ability to search and select patients in database provides User with patient demographic information
  • Ability to ‘Create New’ patient
  • Ability to add unique ‘Anonymous’ patients when required
  • Demographics editable on the patient profile
  • Clinical Profile update based on Assessments
  • Ability to view History of interactions and associated Encounter Report
  • Health education materials to be distributed via email, text or via a patient portal according to the individual’s preference
  • Individualized care plans available for Managed Care programs
Clinical Program Management
  • Ability to include Fonemed Clinical Programs in Managed Care application
  • Managed Care / Outbound Programs
  • Nurse Dashboard, Calendar, Physician Dashboard, Calendar
  • Ability to assign patient to their Primary Nurse and any other nurse who is part of the care team.
  • Physician Assignment
  • Ability to assign all responsible physicians to a patient.
Flexibility & Access

Helping our customers succeed in fulfilling their healthcare organization’s objectives and painlessly make the transition to value-based care.

Improve Health Outcomes

Our unique Health Management System squarely addresses the business objectives of ACOs through its ability to improve care coordination, place an emphasis on preventative care, patient engagement and ensure patients have greater access to healthcare providers.

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Stratify Populations

Enabling organizations identify and intervene with those patients that are on a high-risk trajectory, needing appropriate screenings and primary prevention or interventions.


Our cloud-based software platform can accommodate your healthcare organization’s transition to value-based care, helping your organization coordinate care, enhance patient engagement, and offer healthcare services to your patients anytime and anywhere.

Patient Engagement

we help healthcare organizations and busy practitioners seeking to fulfill their mission of accountable care with effective strategies for improved patient engagement supported by technology.

Technology Integration

Integration with devices and leverage technology you already have.

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Fonemed helps healthcare organizations better understand what’s entailed in creating an effective population health approach and navigate the various challenges that may be impeding them from achieving their goals.


Provide a secure, centralized repository for clinical data that supports population health efforts.

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