Identify Health Risks.
Predict Health Costs.
Increase Effectiveness of Care.

Fonemed assessment programs provide a systematic approach to collecting data from members to identify potential risk factors and promote health and disease prevention. The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) program focuses on insuring maximum completion rates in the most effective manner. During the initial phases, members are encouraged to complete surveys electronically or by mail. Members who have not submitted surveys within 3-weeks post activation are contacted by phone by friendly health service specialists to complete the level-I, non-clinical care needs assessment. Responses to specific questions in the Level-I assessment indicating symptoms of concern, trigger escalation to a registered nurse for Level-II & III clinical assessment. The tiered assessment approach ensures that members who may require additional care are identified quickly and facilities early intervention for best health outcomes. Biometric monitor assistance is available for further knowledge of bio data and feedback.

Beyond Assessments

Standard Features

24/7 Live Agent

Dedicated toll-free line for members wishing to call and complete assessment with live agent.

Client Contact

Up to 3 attempts to reach the member, varying the time of day and days of the week of those attempts.

Compliance Support

Representatives are available to assist members in completing their assessment from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday – Friday.

File Upload

Monthly upload of eligibility files.

Assessment Tool

Upload of Assessment Tool provided by client.

Predictive Health Analysis

Identification of health risks.

Assessment Completion

Focus on completing assessments within 90 days of member eligibility with security at core.

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