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To ensure the greatest degree of data interoperability and IT flexibility, we’ve designed our software to be able to authenticate and communicate with any external service or application that provides this functionality.


We designed our population health management software and services around one simple goal – to help our customers succeed in fulfilling their healthcare organization’s objectives and painlessly make the transition to value-based care. For our clients, that means providing effective, high quality health care delivery that positively impacts the lives of the patients they care for across the care continuum anywhere and at anytime.

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We understand that each of our partners’ IT environment is different, so we’ve built a scalable, standards-based software solution that is squarely focused on delivering value through flexibility, interoperability and cost-effectiveness. Our solution is completely vendor agnostic.

Quality Reporting Organizations

Enterprise data warehouses are a fundamental requirement for population health management. Accordingly, we’ve built our software to enable your organization to utilize a clinical data repository that can connect with community health records and link healthcare data from all available points of care.

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The Fonemed Population Health Management Platform provides for secure, clinical interoperability through its data warehouse abilities to accept, store, normalize, and integrate data from multiple clinical, operational, financial and patient derived systems. For ACOs and other healthcare organizations seeking to gain greater insights into their patient populations’ health and manage them more effectively, this capability is mission critical.

Scalability & Performance

Fonemed’s Population Health Management System is available as cloud-based solution. The software utilizes separate databases for application data and clinical data. Unique to our solution is that all application logic and template rendering is done on the client side, therefore enabling enormous scalability that is incredibly resource efficient while reducing costs. Accordingly, system performance is no longer dictated by simply adding costly servers to ensure optimal performance.

REST-based Integration Web Services

Fonemed’s software has a standard REST Web service interface for all aspects of data interaction – enabling the use of the system’s information in third-party applications with appropriate security privileges.

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System Security

Our Population Health Management System ensures the security of its data by using the best available security partners for the physical security layer (Amazon, Google and Microsoft), and a granular data access layer in its software architecture.

OAuth & OpenID Authentication

Token-based security allows a custom security layer to be implemented per specific client requests. The system works by default with all major OAuth providers such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon besides its own OAuth implementation.

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