Patient Engagement

The changes prompted by Accountable Care are enhancing the definitions of patient engagement. Accordingly, healthcare organizations are adapting to shifts in setting, care coordination and patient responsibilities. At Fonemed, we help healthcare organizations and busy practitioners seeking to fulfill their mission of accountable care with effective strategies for improved patient engagement supported by technology.

Clients that place a priority on patient engagement, long-term outcomes and satisfaction can expect to see benefits derived from:

Cost Reduction

Realizing cost-saving efficiencies


Reduce costly, preventable readmissions.

Patient Satisfaction

More positive patient feedback, referrals and increased patient satisfaction

Quality of Care

Demonstrable quality of care and communication metrics


Improved and more transparent reporting

Health Outcomes

Higher levels of positive behavior changes affecting health

Patient Satisfaction

Increased levels of patient satisfaction and health literacy

Prescription Adherence

Stricter adherence to prescribed medicines

Bridging the gap between

technology and care

Fonemed’s Health Management System provides a reliable means of bridging the gap between technology and care using connectedness, transparency, and dialogue to support improved patient engagement. Our health management platform enables ACOs to help ensure their patient populations receive timely care, participate in shared decision making, and offers the ability to distribute valuable health promotion and education materials.

Having served the healthcare industry for nearly two decades, we understand just how vitally important the work of understanding patient goals, providing education, competence and confidence, teach back, follow-up care and personalized information are. Accordingly, we’ve designed our health management system to promote and improve patient engagement at every possible opportunity.

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Inform &

Empower Patients

Unquestionably, more engaged patients result in better adherence to prescribed care and improved health outcomes. Health information materials play a vital role in supporting patient decision making for preventative strategies and self-management of chronic conditions. Our population health platform permits health education materials to be distributed via email, text or via a patient portal according to the individual’s preference. Naturally, tailored health information can empower individuals and motivate them to be more involved in their health. Our experience has taught us that well-informed patients are more likely to adopt longer-term healthy behaviors, such as exercise, modification of diet, and quitting smoking.

Improved Communication and Shared Decision Making

We’ve seamlessly integrated patient communication features that allow for providers to work collaboratively to assist patients over various touch points in the care process. A combination of health alerts, prompts and messaging features can be used to facilitate improved communication between providers and patients. These features benefit the patient by helping the patient better understand their available treatment options and develop a clearer perspective of their personal health risks.

Health Management Patient Portal

In addition, our health management system also offers a convenient patient portal. The portal provides a patient access to their own medical records and health data, along with an ability to share that information securely with trusted health partners allowing them to feel more in control of their own health.

Biometric Data

Data from biometric devices, such as those used in remote patient monitoring, disease management and care transitions programs can also be incorporated into the patient portal presenting even greater opportunities for feedback from clinicians.

Patient Agency

Put simply, more opportunities for dialog leads to improved, shared decision making, which in turn allows patients to play a greater role in their own health.

Incorporate Feedback &

Improve the Bottom Line

As we enter a healthcare era designed to deliver more accountable care, performance data collected from clinical encounters are playing a larger, more significant role than ever before. Collecting and reviewing feedback on patient’s experience is a critical component in monitoring and improving health care quality, avoiding negative fiscal impacts and complying with legal mandates.

Fonemed’s Health Management System incorporates various feedback mechanisms that can be employed to gather information after an episode of care. This feedback can range from surveys (both quantitative and qualitative) to complaint forms and are useful in helping shape perceptions about the quality of care delivered. In addition to being a crucial tool for evaluating a patient’s disease state (with real-time analytics and integrated health records), the software’s intuitive reporting features offer health administrators the understanding necessary to prioritize areas for quality improvement within their organizations.

The bottom line is, improved engagement can lead to lower costs from penalties and lowered reimbursements that impact your bottom line.

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