Identify, Stratify & Control Costs

Proactive patient management tailored to the needs of your healthcare organization.

Risk stratification is a critical component in the process of delivering Accountable Care, and it starts with identifying the desired cohorts of patients from within a specific population. Our software supports healthcare organizations to better develop and execute their population health management strategies by enabling them to identify and intervene with those patients that are on a high-risk trajectory, those with specific chronic diseases and those in need of appropriate screenings and primary prevention or interventions. Clinical care coordinators and others within an organization responsible for the health of a specific population can leverage the tool to analyze and minimize the progression of a disease and the development of comorbidities in a population.

Identify & Stratify Populations

By leveraging the power of our population management system to normalize and integrate data from multiple sources such as payer claims, practice management and clinical systems, you will have a full view of your patients’ information. This includes demographic, diagnosis, medications, lab results as well as present and past symptoms that can prove invaluable for not only segmenting patients but patient monitoring and trend tracking. Our population health management software goes well beyond the capabilities of most EMR systems allowing our clients to analyze data with the level of sophistication required for supporting a risk-sharing model. Fonemed’s population health management platform’s capabilities include defining and managing cohorts by pre-existing medical conditions, disease state, core guidelines or any other criteria your requirements dictate.

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Notable Features & Benefits for Population Stratification

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Data Integration

Extract, import and incorporate data from payer claims, health risk assessments and practice management and clinical systems

Risk Stratification Strategy

Identify, monitor and manage patient populations by demographic information, diagnosis, medications, lab results, symptoms or other criteria to aid your risk stratification strategy

Predictive Modeling

Apply predictive modeling algorithms to identify high risk patients

Patient Identification

Identify patients that are difficult to manage using health risk assessments

Control Costs & Contain Illness

Leverage the technology infrastructure your organization already has

Unlike competing products, our population health management software platform allows you to leverage the technology infrastructure your organization already has. This eliminates the possibility of cost-overruns that result from hidden fees, missed project deadlines and the expense of costly subject matter experts that are often commensurate with health care technologies. Partnering with Fonemed for your population health strategy means that by reducing administrative, training and technology costs, your organization will be better positioned to focus on delivering quality care.

Upgrading and implementing new clinical software can be expensive, and fraught with hidden costs. At Fonemed, we make the transition to value-based care simpler for health care organizations with a health management platform that’s easily customized to suit the needs of your organization—helping you better coordinate care, manage patient outcomes and reduce risk.

From the operational and care perspective the Fonemed’s Population Health Management System enables our clients to control cost and contain illness by:

  • Coordinating and delivering Accountable Care that proactively addresses and lower long-term population health costs
  • Reducing hospital readmissions through disease management and care transitions programs
  • Ensuring prompt and timely medical interventions
  • Offering an event tracking and a fully auditable care process
  • Improved provider/patient and provider/provider communications
  • The availability of customizable process management features that help ensure staff productivity and competence
  • Offering efficient, effective and economical user training programs
  • Successful identification of high risk patients
  • Reducing the risk of poor data integrity, data incompatibility that result in inaccurate measurements
  • Providing a secure, cloud-based hosted platform that eliminates the need to invest in costly servers and associated resources
  • Eliminate costs associated with expensive subject matter experts to ensure infrastructure and applications interoperability

Ensure Quality Measures are on Track

Quality data reporting and collection support quality measurement, which is an important part of Medicare’s Shared Savings Program. Before an ACO can share in any savings generated, it must demonstrate that it met the quality performance standard for that year.

Fonemed offers robust reporting capabilities that can help your organization measure, improve and report on CMS’s 33 measures of quality. Details about the patient/caregiver experience, care coordination/patient safety, at-risk populations and preventive care are all available for reporting purposes as is virtually every aspect of our system. These reports are available to any HIPPA-compliant electronic device, or through the reporting module accessed from a user’s unique login provided they have the appropriate system permissions.

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