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Changing how

we experience medicine.

Eliminating unnecessary doctor visits, hospitalization and above all empowering and educating lives. Beyond saving clients money and elevating quality of life, Fonemed continues to maximize the impact of engagement through channels such as mobile, cloud, applications and innovative technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality.

When we brought nurses at the comfort of a phone call 20 years ago, we though we had gone far. Today, we're barely getting started.

Healthcare. Re-engineered.

Data. Personalized health. Interactive medical professionals. Mixing the best of human creativity with the efficiency of technology and innovation.

Our Programs

Merging the heart of human engagement and the technological innovation of automated process, mobile solutions and patient-tailored design.

Workers Compensation

First report of injury and guidance for care.

Biometric Monitoring

Bio-metric Monitoring

Campus Health Solutions

Solutions designed specifically for Campus Life.

Health Risk Assessment Programs

Identify health risks. Better predict health costs.

Occupational Exposure

URAC award-winning 24/7 hotline.

Career Opportunities

Medical professional and looking to touch lives at the comfort of your computer or mobile phone?

Nurse Counselor
United States
Nurse Counselor
Newfoundland & Labrador

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