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Where patients come first

For more than 25 years, Fonemed has been at the forefront of the virtual care industry. We have consistently incorporated new technologies into our services while never losing sight of the fact that compassion is the key ingredient in providing excellent virtual care. Our caring professionals, supported by our ongoing innovation, deliver the highest level of virtual care monitoring and treatment. Our approach benefits both our clients and their patients immensely.

Here for remote patients.
And their health care provider.

We believe that effective virtual care is all about communication. Communication between a patient’s monitoring devices and our nurses. Communication between our nurses and the remote patient. And, lastly, communication between our staff and our clients. Our systems and approaches are built on getting information to the people who need it, in real-time. Whether it’s by phone, video, text messaging, email, or online reporting. That’s how our systems are designed: A faster, more sophisticated response creates better virtual care.

Their human touch over the phone is priceless during times of trouble.

Eve Crawford


There it was a dedicated telephone number and a nurse to give our employees attention for their health problems. It improved our company’s morale from day 1 of using it. No need for them to go to the hospital and being walked through the steps on how to get better. Priceless.

Jack Graham


How can I describe the comfort of having a nurse at the side of our clients from the click of a button. Peace. Simply peace.

Jake Smith


A smarter kind of care

Fonemed is about creating a better, more personal level of virtual care. We bring that approach across all the different areas in which we provide that care. These include:

  • Nurse Triage Advice and Assessments

    Experienced and supportive care givers monitor and provide treatment to remote patients 24/7. Symptom-based assessments and treatments are based on Schmitt-Thompson protocols.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

    Our nurses can monitor patients’ medical devices remotely. If alerts are issued, they will intervene in real time, bringing our compassionate and expert approach to the problem.

  • Behavioral Health

    Good virtual care can help patients with mental health and addiction issues on their road to recovery. Our supportive telehealth counseling is offered by dedicated case management nurses.

  • Digital Front Door

    We can help move many patient interactions to the digital world. This improves and simplifies the patient’s experience, while empowering them to take more responsibility in their own health care.

  • Urgent Care

    Expert emergency room care is possible from almost anywhere with 24/7 knowledge and support from experienced nurse practitioners.

  • Primary Care

    Discover streamlined and compassionate primary care solutions with Fonemed. Our virtual solutions allow patients to easily schedule appointments via our dedicated phone line as nurse practitioners efficiently manage referrals, tests, and prescriptions.

The Florizel Healthcare Platform

Fonemed’s Florizel is a full-service contact solution for healthcare organizations and their patients. Clinicians and patients can more easily connect and interact digitally. The result is more efficiency combined with improved quality of care.

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