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The evolution of telehealth

and medical triage.

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Nurse Advice Line. Reinvented.

Delivering improved health outcomes and containing costs in remote health management. Our medical triage now implements artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Experienced Triage

Over 22 years of leading the nurse advice and triage industry with world-class URAC and HIPAA compliance throughout the continuum of care.

Award-Winning Triage Protocols

Accolades in telehealth innovation, business excellence, customer service and reliability set our clinical technology apart for triage protocols, communications, biometric monitoring and information technology.

Patient-Engaging Remote Healthcare

Empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health through the most innovative telemedicine solutions and engagement.

We are transforming the delivery of remote healthcare through world-class nurse advice line and medical triage protocols.

Our telehealth solutions extend the reach of healthcare and medical professionals. The unique value our nurse triage technology offers is the ability to support patients, providers and payers. By combining all the elements of telehealth, Fonemed continues to lead the nurse advice line industry.

The Fonemed nurse triage software platform for remote health management

Robust and scalable remote healthcare cloud solutions and health information technology infrastructure.

Redundant web-based and wired communications systems.

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Health Call Center Accreditation from URAC

Operating on the cutting edge of telehealth delivery

By earning Health Call Center Accreditation from URAC, Fonemed is operating on the cutting edge of telehealth delivery. Independent accreditation demonstrates Fonemed provides value-based health call center services to more people while meeting performance standards conceived by a broad array of telehealth stakeholders. As technology becomes more critical in achieving population health goals, Fonemed blazes a healthcare trail that others will follow.

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Patient Encounters
Saving Our Clients Over
Population with Access to Fonemed Services
Our Award Winning Triage Clients and Nurse Advice Industry Leading Partners

The GSM Assoc. for Best Mobile Applications for Development.

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The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association for Hottest Consumer Product.

URAC for Patient Safety.

Nurse Triage Advice Line

Nurse advice line staffed by registered nurses.

Lifestyle Programs

Personalized wellness programs at work, home, school and in retirement.

Behavioral Health Program

Emotional support when needed supporting mental health.

Biometric Monitoring

Biometrics monitoring assistance to monitor your device manufacturer’s platform.

Occupational Exposure

Assisting individuals exposed to bodily fluids, communicable diseases or environmental exposures, including pandemics and bioterrorism.

Care Transition

Providing clinical support to patients recently discharged from the hospital and reduces the risk of readmission and overall healthcare costs.

Aura BrooksPatient

Having a nurse there for me during symptoms that didn't require hospitalization reduced my anxiety and saved our family thousands in an ER visit that wasn't necessary.

Eve CrawfordProvider

Their human touch over the phone is priceless during times of trouble.

Jack GrahamProvider

There it was, a dedicated telephone number and having a nurse give our employees attention for their health problems improved our companies morale from day 1 of using it. No need for them to go to the hospital and being walked the steps on how to get better. Priceless.

Zak ReidNurse

I love my job, my team and the people we touch.

Jake SmithProvider

How can I describe the comfort of having a nurse at the side of our clients from the comfort of a click of a button. Peace. Simply peace.

The remote healthcare revolution has begun.

From the people who brought you 24/7 nurse advice line via phone, Fonemed now provides health cloud solutions and remote healthcare software for employers and companies worldwide. Let us show you how to transform lives one call or click at a time.

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