Who We Help

With over 25 years of experience in virtual care services, Fonemed has accumulated a broad list of satisfied clients, providing services and technology to:

  • Healthcare Systems
  • Hospitals
  • Private Practices and Clinics
  • Insurance Providers
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Government Health Agencies

Our clients have come to count on us for reliable and consistent care, provided by trained and compassionate professionals. They also know that our people are backed by robust and proprietary technology, that’s customizable and easily integrated with other systems. Find out how we can do the same for your organization.

Caring for your patients, wherever they are

Whether it’s a heart condition or mental health issues, we make sure your patients are well cared for, even when they are not at your facilities. We can integrate remote monitoring devices seamlessly with your systems, so your patients are carefully monitored 24/7, in real time.

Giving peace of mind

Healthcare organizations count on our high standard of care. They know that every assessment we make is based on gold-standard Schmitt-Thompson protocols. Not only are their patients safe in our hands, but we provide every client with an encounter report on each patient contact through our secure, cloud-based system.

Making health care more efficient

By giving virtual access to certified clinicians, we lessen the strain on facilities and their staff. We do it by monitoring medical devices remotely, or having trained nurses triage and provide medical advice to patients anywhere they may be. The result is a reduced need for in-facility visits. Also, by setting up virtual appointments and introducing online appointment scheduling, we move many patient interactions to the digital world. This creates a more efficient system for everyone.

Efficiency results in reduced costs

Improving productivity while reducing costs is every administrator’s goal. Our virtual care services help make it happen. Patient visits are reduced, and clinical workflow is streamlined. What’s more, patients and caregivers are able to take more responsibility for their recovery.

Clients stay fully updated

Customized data reports can be generated to any data set requested, through either dashboards or secure user-approved access. Our reporting and documentation processes guarantee fast client updates combined with confidentiality. Secure encounter reports are sent after every patient contact.

Better tech for safer healthcare

Proven Success

+10 million

People Helped
Fonemed has provided 24/7 and after-hours nurse triage via the telephone to more than 10 million individuals throughout North America.


Satisfaction Rating
The Fonemed nurse advice line service has a client and patient satisfaction rating of more than 98%.

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