Remote Patient Monitoring

Imagine being able to provide remote patients with a higher degree of personalized care and attention. Real-time remote monitoring offers incredible opportunities to enhance out-of-facility treatments. With the help of medical devices, we can carefully monitor patients and take prompt action in case of any alerts. This can reduce the number of hospital visits, improve patient outcomes, and free up staff, time, and resources.

A Wide Range of Programs

We can provide the remote monitoring your patients need. From basic, non-clinical alert oversight to fully registered nurses trained in immediate response. We can tailor a program specifically designed for your organization’s needs.

Device-agnostic Systems

Our software can collect data from multiple at the same time. It can monitor various health indicators such as weight, blood pressure, glucose levels, temperature, and more. Our programs are designed to work seamlessly with your existing devices. Alternatively, if you need specific devices, we can recommend suitable ones for you. Additionally, Fonemed can integrate directly with the manufacturer’s website, making it easy to link your data directly to our system.

Numerous accessible options

Our remote monitoring services work through easy-to-use dashboards. Administrators can manage patients and functions such as enrollment and materials management. While care providers use dashboards that fully support patients enrolled in remote management programs.

Advanced reporting

Fonemed’s remote monitoring programs offer advanced analytics for improved service and better management. Our cloud-data warehouse offers automated data processes and testing implementations.

Highly effective monitoring programs

An individual may be able to avoid hospitalization with appropriate remote care advice. Fonemed’s real-time remote patient monitoring program helps patients carry on with their life safely.

Empowering patients while freeing up healthcare teams

  • Direct real-time reporting for approved physicians, caregivers, and family members
  • Dashboard access for patients and caregivers.
  • Alert protocols developed in concert with client and client-identified providers

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