Urgent Care

Emergency rooms everywhere are suffering from staff shortages, but many of the most acute staffing problems are in smaller, more remote hospitals and clinics. Fonemed’s virtual care services are a powerful tool for addressing this problem. We connect our highly experienced nurse practitioners with health care facilities that are experiencing staff shortages, providing the 24/7 knowledge and support that local clinicians need to provide emergency care for their community.

A Virtual ER that works

Fonemed can provide the expertise that local ER staff need. By combining remote expertise with on-site clinicians, expert emergency room care is still possible from almost anywhere.

Our approach is simple: once local clinicians have completed the triage process, patients connect with a Fonemed nurse practitioner in a virtual examination room. There, under the guidance of our experienced nurse practitioners, on-site staff conduct an examination using our virtual peripheral devices (including a virtual stethoscope, horus scope, and dermatoscope for skin assessments). Once the examination is completed, our staff will continue to direct the on-site team if any escalation is required.

Detailed follow-ups and summary

After the examination is completed and the visit is over, our examining nurse practitioner will send a complete summary of the exam and the results to the local ER. This summary is sent securely and can be added directly to the health care provider’s patient chart.

If any lab tests, diagnostics, medications, or referrals are required, our nurse practitioners will fax all the required forms to the ER. Prescriptions will be sent directly to a local pharmacy.

Highly successful outcomes

Having our expert ER-trained staff available online leads to a number of positive results.

  • Patients with non-urgent conditions can be directed more quickly to the appropriate treatment outside of the ER. In fact, less than 1% of the patients seen by our virtual care staff need to be sent for further assessments.
  • Waiting times for patients are reduced.
  • Expert emergency care can be available 24/7/365 in remote and under-staffed health care facilities – all at an affordable cost.

Enlist the power of virtual ER care

Staffing issues are one of the major problems that health care administrators currently face. Fonemed’s Urgent and Primary Care solutions offer:

  • Around-the-clock and on-demand ER support and expertise
    Health care facilities will have the ability to provide expert and compassionate ER assessments 24/7/365. This includes having the skills and knowledge available to direct escalations if needed.
  • Assessments of the highest standards conducted by experienced, caring ER nurses
    In fact, our comprehensive and consistent symptom-based assessments are all based on Schmitt-Thompson protocols. These are the gold standard for the health care industry.
  • Fonemed uses a proprietary, cloud-based digital platform called Florizel
    It’s a highly secure web portal. Florizel improves triage practices in virtual health care by connecting patients, remote monitoring devices, and clinicians in real time. This highly secure system automates many functions and fully integrates electronic health and medical records.

Integrating Fonemed’s Urgent and Primary Care Systems into an ER can result in expert assessments available anywhere 24/7, leading to improved treatment and better outcomes – all at an affordable cost.

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