Virtual Visit with Florizel:

Instant Communication Paired with Self-Management Features

Better communication and connection through Florizel result in better virtual care. Clinicians can provide virtual care in urgent situations, as well as ongoing consultations. Florizel also allows patients to book their appointments, self-queue, and review their healthcare history to proactively manage chronic conditions. Florizel’s Urgent ER Care feature lets rural healthcare providers access remote physicians when needed, enabling rural emergency services to remain open when local resources are limited.

  • Clinicians can provide virtual care solutions by booking appointments or escalation
  • Self-queueing function allows patients to schedule appointments
  • Advanced instrumental and video technology allows direct communication between Fonemed Registered Nurses, dedicated physicians and Nurse Practitioners.

Redefining Virtual Care

  • Connect

    Streamline patient management, assessments, and advice.

  • Monitor

    Real-time monitoring and instant reporting.

Improve and Expand Your Virtual Care with Florizel

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