Monitor with Florizel:

Instant Reporting and Real-Time Data Analysis

Florizel enables a higher calibre of virtual care. Remote patient medical devices are monitored in real-time via Bluetooth connection. Enabling licenced clinicians to monitor patient data and react immediately if needed. After contact, real-time reports are filed to healthcare organizations, instantly updating them on the patient’s condition. Both clinical and non-clinical staff can be authorized to monitor alerts on our intuitive software.

  • Florizel can collect data from multiple remote monitoring devices simultaneously
  • Fonemed devices work with Bluetooth providing automatic data transmission
  • Designed to support flexible dashboards for providers and administrators

Redefining Virtual Care

  • Connect

    Streamline patient management, assessments, and advice.

  • Virtual Visit

    Instant communication and self-management features.

Improve and Expand Your Virtual Care with Florizel

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