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It is all about a healthier future for all.

Our behavioral health program offers personalized supportive counseling to individuals coping with a mental illness, behavioral health issue and/or addiction. The program is designed to support individuals diagnosed with a mental illness including those transitioning back into their community post-hospitalization. Caring, experienced staff offer hope by providing the tools necessary to cope and progressively enrich their lives.


What We Provide

Needs Assessment

Comprehensive behavioral health needs assessment carried out by a trained Registered Nurse

Structured Care Plan

Initiation of a structured care plan with approval from the primary healthcare or mental health provider that allows for the identification of supplementary community programs


Escalation to alternate mental health professionals available


Encounter documentation for PCP and Electronic Medical Records

Web Portal Access

Secure behavioral health tele-health system dashboard and web portal access for physicians, caregivers, family and patients to information for which they have the appropriate permissions

Appointment/Medication Reminders

Supplementary health education and appointment/medication reminders provided via preferred method of contact

Treatment Monitoring

Medication and treatment adherence monitoring

Partner With Us

Our goal is to assist healthcare providers delivering patient-centered care benefit from increased trust from patients, improved care coordination and play a substantial role in delivering high quality care when and where it is needed most. If you are looking for a partner that can help improve your organization’s ability to deliver personalized and accountable care in a cost-effective manner, we would love to hear from you.