Behavioral Health

Mental health organizations are stretched to provide the care their patients deserve. That’s why Fonemed has developed supportive telehealth counseling that unlocks barriers to care. With Fonemed, patients with mental health and addiction issues can receive vastly improved remote care.

Support Whenever It’s Needed

We offer personalized and supportive counseling based on a thorough needs assessment. Knowledgeable and caring staff are available around the clock and on-demand to offer the tools and programs individuals need to enrich their lives and support their recovery.

Carefully Developed Care Plans

Programs are developed with the primary care provider and the individual in treatment. They include regularly scheduled supportive counseling sessions, plus dedicated case management nurses.

Patient Choice

Patients choose the means of communication with our clinicians that they are most comfortable with. They can phone, text or video with our nurses.

Secure Approved Access

Our Florizel online platform provides physicians, nurses, caregivers, family, and patients access to patient encounter reports, reminders, and schedule appointments.


Business Intelligence Dashboard

Providing real-time access to comprehensive call information, including: demographic data, disposition analysis, call trends, performance, and satisfaction levels.

Close Coordination with Mental Healthcare Providers

A family wants to support a loved one to reintegrate into their community but is not sure how to proceed. We help to make it easier for them to reach out and get the support they need.

Let’s Chat

Would you like to find out how Fonemed’s personalized and compassionate approach to virtual care can help your organization’s patients? We’d be happy to talk with you and answer all your questions. Please fill out the form, and a representative will reach out to you shortly.