A Digital Front Door
to Better Virtual Healthcare

Imagine the convenience for both healthcare organizations and patients of moving many patient interactions to the digital world. Picture patients booking their appointments or automatically monitoring their medical devices directly from the platform. Envision an efficient and seamless connection between healthcare professionals and their patients. It’s all possible with Florizel, Fonemed’s new Digital Front Door. We’ve designed and built it to be a seamless part of our new virtual software platform.

A Wide Range of Capabilities

With an intuitive dashboard, Florizel opens up an entire network of care by quickly connecting patients and caregivers with healthcare providers. Medical devices are fully integrated, sending real-time reports and alerts to healthcare providers.

Self-Assessment Tools

Florizel encourages improved patient engagement, self-management, and education with advanced self-assessment tools.

Schedule Appointments

Patients can easily schedule appointments and virtual consultations online.

Florizel: Great for patients. And healthcare providers.

Our Digital Front Door provides patients with complete access to virtual care services through a mobile app on their phone or tablet, or by logging in via a desktop device. With secure access, patients can now take charge of their own care options and have easier access to clinicians than ever before.

Let’s Chat

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