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First Report of Injury / Worker’s Compensation

One of your employees
falls off a ladder. The
first thing we’ll take care
of is the unknown.

First Report of Injury is a Workers’ Compensation Support Program that provides the injured employee with an opportunity to speak with a nurse by phone at the time of injury. The nurse completes a clinical assessment of the employee injury and directs the injured employee to the most appropriate level of care for the injury. Reporting is compliant with workplace injury notification requirements of the Employer, Insurance Company and the state Department of Labor and Industry.


Specially trained staff providing personalized service 24/7/365


Immediate clinical assessment and care advice benefits for the injured employee using evidenced-based Schmitt/Thompson clinical protocols.

Accident Reporting

Detailed and accurate accident report (encounter) for employer.

Of Incident

Intake of injury details for employer incident report.


Required data collection and Injury reporting compliant with Insurance and Department of labor regulations using state specific forms.

ReferralsTo Facilities

Referrals to Employer/Health Plan approved facilities.
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