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For nearly two decades, Fonemed has been the clinical arm for hundreds of organizations delivering quality and affordable care for millions of patients worldwide.

Overcome Population Health


Population health is the new normal for healthcare organizations seeking to meet their goals for a value-based reimbursement strategy. An organization’s ability to deliver high-quality, economically sustainable care depends critically on how well they can manage the health of populations. Without guidance, many provider organizations struggle to identify and prioritize their HIT needs.

Fonemed helps healthcare organizations better understand what’s entailed in creating an effective population health approach and navigate the various challenges that may be impeding them from achieving their goals. We work hand and hand with clients to help them create, refine and sharpen their model for population health – based on their unique goals, criteria and organizational readiness for assuming financial risk.

For nearly two decades, Fonemed has been the clinical arm for hundreds of organizations delivering quality and affordable care for millions of patients worldwide.

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Population Health Management

Lessen the Learning Curve

Fonemed assists its clients to prepare for, and execute change, that leads to improved care coordination, stronger patient engagement, healthier patient populations and improved business performance.

Our value-added consulting services can aid your healthcare organization’s population health efforts through:

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Healthcare Requirements
  • Co-developing key health care requirements
Assess and Refine
  • Assessing and refining existing requirements
Project Management
  • Providing program and project management expertise
Population Health Operations
  • Sharing effective operational approaches to population health
Physician Buy In
  • Promoting organizational and physician buy-in
Clinical Best Practice
  • Incorporating clinical best practice knowledge
Technology and Programming
  • Offering technical know-how and programming expertise
  • Expanding teaming opportunities and partnerships

Value Added Services

Fonemed’s PHMS represents best-in-class software for ACOs and other healthcare organizations seeking to better manage their health outcomes and improve their bottom line. Our client-centric approach ensures that we add value at every possible opportunity to help them achieve their desired outcomes and goals.

End User Training

Our end-user training programs are designed effectively to significantly reduce clinical staff training time, and ensure each of your organization’s stakeholders are deriving the most benefit from the software.

Available & Reliable 24/7 Support

24/7 North American based customer support gets you connected with the help you need fast with someone who is friendly, knowledgable and easy to understand.

Regular Updates

For our cloud-based customers, all software upgrades are included in our standard pricing agreement, ensuring that your users will benefit from the latest features.

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The Healthcare Landscape Revealed

A Cost Effective Approach Towards Managing Risk

Today’s healthcare landscape is rapidly changing and placing new demands on healthcare organizations seeking to transition to value-based, accountable care. Care delivery models, clinical needs and payment models are rapidly evolving to respond to these new demands. However, despite the notable increase in complexity, patients, employers and payers are expecting greater return on their healthcare investments than ever before.

Fonemed offers a comprehensive, patient-centric health information technology (HIT) platform that enables clients to make profitable transitions to new healthcare delivery models.

Applying 20 years of experience operating URAC-accredited medical call centers, we developed exemplary technology that makes it possible for our clients to run their own sophisticated health information networks efficiently and economically. Our software effectively provides evidence-based protocols and care coordination and management process that are completely customizable and can support any of the following health programs:


Remote Disease Management


Remote Device Monitoring


Clinical Advice & Triage (using the gold standard Schmitt/ Thomson protocols)




Behavioral Health


Sexual Violence (on campus or in the workplace)


Workman’s Comp & First Report of Injury


Occupational Exposure (to pathogens, etc.)

Fonemed’s Population Health Management System is now operational throughout North America providing healthcare access to over 10 million beneficiaries.