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Fonemed’s PHMS was designed from the ground up to be easy to use, flexible, interoperable and completely customizable.

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Complete Customization

Fonemed’s PHMS was designed from the ground up to be easy to use, flexible, inter-operable and completely customizable. It is a secure, cloud-based triage software platform that can accommodate your healthcare organization’s transition to value-based care, helping your organization coordinate care, enhance patient engagement, stratify patient populations and offer remote healthcare service solutions to your patients anytime and anywhere.

Our PHMS software is a hardware/software agnostic, web-based platform comprised of various interactive modules that are capable of supporting a variety of healthcare processes and programs. Whether your organization is interested in pursuing population health programs for disease management, care transitions, remote patient monitoring, surveillance, wellness, behavioral health, occupational exposure, or nurse advice and triage applications, we’re here to help.

Our comprehensive, patient-centric PHMS software can be easily adapted to meet your healthcare organization’s exacting needs and be quickly put in service on behalf of your patients and members. Best of all, our population health platform allows you to continue using the technology you already have – avoiding the one product, one solution approach of many competing products. Fonemed’s software can even be customized to incorporate your organization’s branding.

Configurable Clinical Templates & Workflows

We brought nearly two decades of clinical experience to bear in the development of our software and services. Our familiarity with the needs of hundreds of healthcare providers has allowed us to recognize that each healthcare organization is unique; despite the common goal of improving their patients’ quality of care and health outcomes. Accordingly, our clinical assessments templates and workflows can easily be tailored to the specific needs of your organization and the programs you offer. Choose from commonly accepted evidence-based approaches for your programs, customize them, or produce your own.

Your organization will see immediate benefits in the form of greater efficiencies by using clinical workflow processes that are optimized and in-tune with the way your organization works. Customizable workflows supported by integrated health records, reporting, messaging and alert features are critical components of a population health strategy. These aspects of Fonemed’s PHMS support our clients’ pursuit of excellence in care coordination and provide valuable tools for ensuring that quality standards are being met.

Easily Integrate Third-party Data

Your organization’s tech team will appreciate the ease and simplicity involved in ensuring compatibility of third-party data with your existing infrastructure and applications. Fonemed’s PHMS is extensible and capable of integrating with EMRs, HIE, Payer Databases and just about any other HIT data source with minimal effort. All database transactions are performed through secure, encrypted web services, offering unprecedented flexibility and ease of integration. We’re committed to connecting health services across the continuum of care and our clients with value.

Communication Preferences & Alerts

Providers can establish their communication preferences in a simple, straightforward manner. Physicians and other care providers can receive secure real-time patient notifications, messages and other health status updates available via the physician portal, text message, email, fax, or via telephone based on their preferences.

Customize Access and Permissions

With customizable groups, sub-groups, and roles you can ensure secure access and interaction between those with appropriate permissions and system privileges.

Bring Your Devices

With hundreds of biometric devices now available for home health and personal health monitoring, these devices have become a truly mainstream technology. The ubiquity of these devices, and the valuable health insights they provide, offer a tremendous opportunity for healthcare organizations interested in extending their ability to provide care beyond the walls of their facilities.

Information sent from home health or portable devices from brand such as Fitbit, Apple, Microsoft, Honeywell and more, are available to medical providers in PMHS software for continual monitoring. This type of connectivity is invaluable for producing a more complete picture of a patient’s health, and offers critical insights for interventions, trend tracking and health coaching applications. Fonemed’s PHMS offers seamless integration with any biometric device that provides an Application Program Interface (API) for connectivity.

By adding Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) capabilities, your healthcare organization will be able to provide the service element that these devices do not provide on their own. Connecting the continuum of care using biometric devices paired with our population health platform, presents actionable opportunities for healthcare providers to engage their patients suffering from chronic conditions and produce proactive strategies for managing wellness programs.

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Internationalization and Cultural Factors

Fonemed’s PHMS is currently available worldwide and offers notable localization features. At present, software and protocol translations are available in 60 languages. Additionally, Fonemed’s PHMS offers the ability to incorporate local resources that can benefit enrolled patients by ensuring they will be appropriately advised based on regional best practices and acceptable standards.

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