Supporting the health

and wellbeing of students

through their most

important years.

Remote support for students and their family members to cope with chronic health conditions, our telehealth providers oversee their health management. Our telemedicine services for school health services for students and school staff can coordinate, schedule and communicate with the student’s family and care providers so that they can maintain optimum health and optimize education without interruptions.

Crisis Management

Option to forward calls to nurse line during normal business hours for situations such as staff shortages, staff meetings, high patient volume, unexpected facility closure.

Staff & Security Support

Option to customize communication procedures with on health center staff & campus security

Schedule Programming

Local Resources and health-center, on-call schedules programed into university profile.

Tailored Assistance

Dedicated toll-free number with a custom greeting assigned to University

Attending Student Concerns

Protocols for issues including; Medical symptoms, Behavioral Health, Addiction Recovery and Response to Sexual Violence.

Personalized Student Data

Student Encounter reports transmitted after each call.