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Nurse Advice Line Service Benefits

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The Definitive Guide to Selecting a Nurse Advice Line Provider: Part III

A nurse advice line (NAL), sometimes called telephone triage services, provides real-time healthcare assessments to patients and helps these patients determine the right level of care needed at the moment via the telephone. A team of registered nurses using a combination of critical thinking skills, medical guidelines, and technology assess the severity and nature of a call to determine the most appropriate disposition and care advice. Nurse advice line clinicians are specially trained to focus on the assessment and disposition of symptom-based calls and educate callers about medications, interactions and possible side-effects.

nurse advice line benefits

nurse advice line benefits

As stated in prior segment, each medical provider that offers nurse advice line services to their patient community may have different aims and goals for leveraging a nurse advice line. However, common benefits such as the following can be observed regardless of the medical practice’s or healthcare organization’s focus:


  • Around-the-clock access to a skilled clinical triage team licensed in your state
  • Comprehensive symptom based assessment utilizing appropriate clinical protocols
  • Improved response times, increased healthcare coverage and patient satisfaction
  • Better care coordination that directs patients to the appropriate level of care thereby reducing costs
  • Reduces expenses related to unnecessary patient ER visits
  • Stronger management of overflow calls during busy periods
  • Improved patient medication adherence through health education efforts
  • Enables patients to make more informed decisions about their health
  • Dedicated toll-free number with customized greeting
  • Complete encounter documentation, customizable reporting
  • Optionally offer EMR integration

Fonemed’s nurse advice line service can provide 24/7 support to your patients providing the appropriate level of care for the symptoms a patient is experiencing and assists them in learning the next step in their medical care. Our team committed clinicians help to prevent unnecessary readmissions and trips to the ER, empower callers with health education through counseling, and closes gaps in the continuum of care. In addition to the benefits stated above we offer a supplementary health information audio library covering over 2,000 topics that complements our nurse advice line service.

Want to hear more about how our customizable nurse advice line service can benefit your organization? Contact us today!

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